High Frequency Vibration

HF Vibrator VT

HF Concrete vibrators serie VT, with ABS switch housing box or with handrgrip, Neoprene H07RN.F feed cable, special rubber hose, hardened end-cap; optional thermal protection and rubber head for all diameters.

HF Converter ST

Shock's resistant ABS protecting bag, range up to 2Kva; H class winding (180°),alternator with permanent syntherized magnets.

HF Converter NW

HF Converter serie Nw, metal case with extended range up to 5Kva. H class winding (180°),alternator with permanent syntherized magnets.

HF Generator GT

HF Generator 42V.-200Hz., with gasoline or diesel engine, to use the vibrators serie VT in enviroment without electricity. With protecting frame.

Building Site Generator GEHF

Building site generators of high outstanding reliability and italian quality, equipped with gasoline engine, singlephase alternator, oil guard, wheels, panel with voltmeter, plugs and switch, with integrated plug for HF vibrators 42V-200Hz.

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